About Us

IBOOST Technologies, a division of David S. Lewis Corporation was launched in 2004 to create digital accessories. Located in the heart of Brooklyn’s Tech Zone, IBOOST specializes in creating products that go hand in hand with today’s evolving technology. IBOOST Technologies, is a global manufacturer and distributor of high quality headphones, earphones, power banks, chargers, speakers , Bluetooth products & more. Lead by, President, Lewis Betesh, IBOOST has quickly established itself as a leading resource in the industry.

Our Team

IBOOST technologies is led by a team of experienced professionals with a combination of over 60 years of experience in both the wholesale and retail components of electronics and digital accessories.

Our Goal

We strive to stay true to our vision of INNOVATION, QUALITY, & INTEGRITY, and most of all customer satisfaction.

Global Sourcing

With global ties to the world’s best manufacturers in Asia, IBOOST has the ability to produce high quality products at the most competitive prices. Our production team works with over 20 different factories to create the best product at the best price. With today’s frequent evolvement of technology, it is our goal to continue evolving at the quickest speeds to satisfy the needs of our customers. In order to do so, it is important to have a strong production and sales team. With 30 years of successful retail, wholesale and global sourcing experience, Lewis is able to produce products with the proper consumer in mind, while still maintaining low costs.

Our Sales Team